The Loan Covenant Channel: How Bank Health Transmits to the Real Economy by G. Chodorow-Reich and A. Falato. 8th Tepper–LAEF Conference, Sep. 2017.

Why is Credit Utilization Stable? Precaution, Payments, and Credit Cards over the Business Cycle and Life Cycle by S. L. Fulford and S. Schuh. CEPR European Household Finance Workshop, April 2017. 

Vintage Effects in Loan Default Models by A. Haughwout, J. Tracy, and W. van der Klaauw. NYC Real Estate Conference, May 2017.

Reputations and Credit Ratings: Evidence from Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities by B. Becker and R. Baghai. CEPR ESSFM conference in Gerzensee, July 2017.